Clawful Bot

Clawful is an easy to use discord bot with moderation and fun commands and with a cross server Leveling system. Down

Moderation Commands

Control your server with Clawful.

Ban, Kick or Warn members using our 3 strike mute system.

Check the infractions per user and remove Warns if you are a forgiving Mod.

Moderation GIF

Fun Commands

Keep your users engaged with Clawful!

Play with profile pics commands.

Play games like ⛰️ 📃 ✂️ with your friends!


Collect Hairs!

Reach the top positionings in the Economy System!

Show off your level to others

Bet, Transfer and play Slots with your Hairs!

Hairs GIF


Make roles easy in your server with Clawful.

Set Autoroles for your server.

Let users choose the role they want to have.

Roles Gif